Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Italy starring Andrea Scalici

Fresh Linguini

Welcome to Food Films, a web series to show simple ways to make delicious meals. We take our experience at the French Culinary Institute to create dishes that can be made at home. With menus for every budget, skill level, and schedule, you’re bound to find something you enjoy! To watch this video in High Quality, play the video then click the upward arrow located at the bottom right hand corner of the video screen (under the YouTube logo), and Select "HQ" for High Quality.


1 c flour

1 egg + 1 egg yolk

Pinch salt

Drizzle of oil or water if needed 

Pour flour with salt onto work surface, make well in the middle.  Add mixed egg + yolk into middle of well and work together.  Add moisture of oil or water if too dry.  Work with hands, kneading into ball for 10 minutes.

Let rest in fridge 10 minutes and roll out with pasta maker into desired shape.  

See Sage and Sausage Butter Sauce to Accompany Pasta


Anonymous said...

very nice demo... would go great over your sausage & sage... I would love to see more from Andrea... O-Bee-have

CHeeren said...

what kind of pasta maker are you using/ would you recommend for a home kitchen?