Friday, March 13, 2009

FeedBack to F.C.I from Y.O.U

Do you love your chef or your classmates? Are your books beneficial? Is there something missing from the curriculum? Tell us what you love about F.C.I and what can be improved on. This is a survey to aid in the efficiency of The French Culinary Institute. Your suggestions can be anonymous so speak your mind!

p.s. Vulgar suggestions will not be posted. 


Anonymous said...

I thought Chef Rogers Powell was horrible. He is a great Chef but taught us little, and was condescending and sometimes nasty. He doesnt have the right temperment to be an instructor. The experience at FCI was great, otherwise, he was the only downside. At least 15 people in my class thought so also, and that is because I have only talked to about 15 people about it.

I also think that each class should get a day with a Dean. They were all very nice when they were there, but I think we would have gotten so much from a one day class with any of them.

Andrea said...

I think we should have a bread-making class in the culinary program!