Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CANCELLED! 3 Parter: 1. What’s A Bodega? 2. WT* is Carrot Mob and City Harvest? 3. Why Do I Care? Bonus: FREE FOOD!

I just received an email from one of the organizers saying that this event is cancelled.Apologies to everyone who was planning to come to the event, I was excited to feed you. Though, this event is cancelled there are plenty more in our future so please stay tuned for future Meet and Eats! Apologies again for the inconvenience.

Yours Truly,

Part 1. Not sure what a bodgea is? Me either, until I moved to Brooklyn. Bodega means grocer in Spanish. Usually located on corners, bodegas are tiny, 24-hour, indie-stores that still sell 50-cent bags of Doritos, and vintage candy, we called them “corner stores” in D.C. Any who, while the bodega’s throwback snacks curb the appetites of local patrons looking for late-night munchies, City Harvest, a culinary non-profit organization, is wondering, “where’s the food that doesn’t clog your arteries?”

Part 2. That’s why City Harvest started a program to give healthy cooking demos at bodegas around NYC. The Bodega Initiative has one main goal – to make healthy food more accessible to inner-city communities, one bodega at a time. To blow this project out of the water, City Harvest is joining forces with Carrot Mob, and Oh, Boy! Carrot Mob is a consumer activism program that rewards businesses for having a social conscience. City Harvest and Carrot Mob are having a Bodega Cooking Blow Out this Saturday in Brooklyn (details below).

Part 3. Why care? A. Carrot Mob seems to bring out goo-gobs of cool socially conscious people. B. I’ll be able to meet all of you eater activists as I cook the delicious meal for the social shindig. C. You get to spend a beautiful Saturday in BK, go to the Brooklyn Museum, enjoy Park Slope for a drink or have a picnic in Prospect Park afterwards! Plus, it’s free. See you there.

If you or someone you know is in NYC, here are the details for the Bodega Cooking Class this Saturday from 12 – 4. Join us, won't you?

Location: Village Mart, 310 Nostrand Avenue between Lafayette and Clifton Avenues

Date and Time: Saturday, August, 21 from 12 - 4 PM

Phone: 718.408.1450

In conjunction with Carrot Mob and The Brooklyn Food Coalition

Chef: Brandon Johnson

Menu: Shhh, it's a delicious surprise.


deana(lostpastremembered) said...

I understand this problem so well. Every time you go to an income-challenged neighborhood, the prices go way up and the quality bottoms out. Bodegas with 3 onions and a brown head of lettuce and grocery stores that smell of bad meat encourage people to eat fast food... good for City Harvest to work on alternatives. More farmer's markets, please!!!

Brandon Maya said...

Greetings, Deana,
I couldn't agree more that's why it's important that we send a message this Saturday and let them know our support is behind healthy food initiatives. Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you there!

- Brandon