Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Secret...

To: Adam, Andrea, Chad, Jeremy, Megan, Rebekah and Tom:

The secret to Eat Life’s success is not only that we have a wonderful handful of creative writers but every person who was chosen gave an energy of trust, dedication, and decency. I want you all to know that I am better for having you in my life. Your talent and passion is infectious. Integrity and instinct is 90% of what drives my decisions, as seemingly good opportunities have been turned down, you were chosen first for your character and then for your tremendous gift of writing! It just so happens we have an artistic team whose talent and spirit match in significance. Thank you for being the heart of this growing program built on sincerity, beautiful words, and simply decent human beings!

May this New Year find you even happier and wiser than the last!


Brandon Johnson

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Andrea said...

Thanks B! It has been so much fun and so inspiring on my end to making this happen each month with you.
-Mama Scalici