Friday, October 10, 2008

Where the Chefs Eat!

Wanna find New York restaurants with the tastiest food, best service and beautiful atmosphere? Ask a Chef...

Chef Candy Argondizza

Favorite NY Restaurant: For Italian - my house or Novita

Your Favorite Menu item: Veal Milanese with a side of cappellini pomodoro

Why do you love it? Impeccable service, quality, tasty food, and great value for the money


Chef Dave Arnold

Favorite NY Restaurants: WD-50Jean GeorgesSsam Bar and Taylor
Favorite Menu Items: At WD-50, Jean Georges, and Taylor, always get their tasting menu because the chefs include what they think is their best culinary creation. At Ssam Bar get their pork buns, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS GET DESSERT WHERE EVER YOU GO!!
Why do you love them?1. WD-50 always has something new and surprising on the menu. They made a puff beef tenderloin, so instead of pork rinds you have puff beef tenderloin! 
 2. Of all the top, upper echelon restaurants, 
Jean Georges is the fun one! They're an old school 4 star restaurant. The food is always consistently good and the desserts from pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini are amazing.
 3. At 
Ssam Bar there are no reservations and they are known for their juicy pork buns.
Taylor is a restaurant created by a pastry chef who masters sweet and savory. The drinks and food are innovative. They just created an awesome new menu.


Chef Marc Pavlovic

Favorite NY Restaurant: Marlow and Son in Brooklyn

Your Favorite Menu Item: Savory - Specials everyday, no favorite dishes …they're all good

Sweet - Pickled Cherry with Mascarpone

Why Do you Love it? They use all local farmers' products and the service is very laid back but very sharp….great music selection


Chef Pascal Beric

Favorite NY Restaurant: Daniel, 60 East 60th

Your Favorite Menu item: Savory: Charcuterie platter. “Gruyere, proscuito, ham and anything from the pig really” 

Sweet: For a delicious and sinful dessert, Nutella Cups

Why do you love it? It is extremely elegant and classic French Cuisine.


Chef Ray Dawson

Favorite NY Restaurant: Asia De Cuba

Your Favorite Menu item: The Pork Belly, and the Avocado Rice

Why do you love it? The vibe in the place is amazing and the staff is great.  The food is interesting and consistent and is always a good meal.


Chef Tim Shaw

Favorite NY Restaurant: Wallse in the West Village

Your Favorite Menu item: Austrian pheasant strudel, rabbit stew, goulash, and/or schnitzel, with a great dessert wine and a decent cheese tray to finish. “I pretty much have the Morbier and a dessert wine every time I am there.”

Why do you love it? “I love it because every meal I have eaten there has been note perfect - its all Austrian, so I have had a pheasant strudel, a rabbit stew, goulash, schnitzel, and they have all been flavorful, filling yet not overly fussy.  The service is impeccable, and the wine list is all-Austrian and features some great choices”  

Chef Wanda Centeno

Favorite NY Restaurant: Per se
Your Favorite Menu item: An amuse bouche of salmon and tuna tartare cornets with onion creme fraiche.
Why do you love it? The sabayon of pearl tapioca with malpeque oysters was exquisite bliss on the palate.

Chef Xavier Mayonove

Favorite NY Restaurant: Terrace in the Sky, Manhattan

Your Favorite Menu Items: Braised pork belly, Rack of lamb Provencale, and Port poached foie gras

Why Do you Love it? The dishes are well executed for flavors, seasoning, presentation, and ingredients. Some look like I’m home in France. Jason Potanovich is related to a new line of young chefs not afraid to cook dishes with a modern look & taste. It’s elegant, romantic and the view of Manhattan is fantastic.


Written by FCI Chefs and edited by the Eat Life Team

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