Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meet Anthony

Quite simply when it comes to food, Anthony's mantra - food is love - is inspired by his passion for all things culinary. An FCI graduate, Anthony Ramos has been cooking since he was old enough to be trusted with a hot stove. His cooking focuses on using the best seasonal ingredients and an afternoon in the farmer's market usually inspires what will be prepared that evening. A champion of the slow food movement Anthony works with sustainable and artisinal ingredients whenever possible. Currently, Anthony is Director of Marketing & Communications at a conservation/health nonprofit and works as a freelance chef for catered affairs and private cooking lessons.

"I've been in the kitchen most of my life, it's a place where I feel the most comfortable, a place where my creative energies fuel my desire to develop sumptuous meals and memorable menus."

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Anonymous said...

Anthony! What a great use of your culinary skills, your writing skills and your life's experience in a Kitchen! When you were barely 22 you took the reins of my restaurant and you ran it for over a week while i attended to my family affairs 400 miles away when my mother died! I will never forget the efficiency by which you ran the entire retail, wholesale and catering aspects of the Restaurant! Anyone with restaurant experience will know how much is involved in doing that. So for you to have accomplished that task for that period, at your age says volumes about your skills and talents. For you to be a contributing writer, here at Eat Life, can only add a whole new dimension to those talented writers already here!! All the best and keep your goals in mind!